Crack RAR Password : How To Crack RAR File Passwords

In this article I’ll be showing you how to crack RAR Passwords using bruteforce. To know what is brute force click here to see my post on brute force

What will you need?
Advanced Archive Password Recovery 4.53
Password: vparif
Serial : ARPR-83296730531875-CBBVYBXFEXDEVPMB

Steps To Crack RAR Passwords :
Follow the instruction to crack RAR file password,
Step 1: First Download Advanced Archive Password Recovery 4.53 to crack rar file password.
Step 2: Now, install it and run “Advanced Archive Password Recovery ” (tested to be working on Windows XP and Windows Vista and Seven) to see:

Step 3: Click the folder Icon under Encrypted RAR file and search for your RAR file,

Step 4: Select all options under “Brute-force range options”.

Step 5: Then go to the lenght tab and edit the “Max Lenght” to 20

In Range tab you can also set different combination for password cracking such as character + digit etc.
Step 6: Click Start at the top and let it do the work for you this might take hours depending on how long the password is!

Have fun! and be patient

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